5 Perks Of Having A Regular Dental Cleaning And Checkup

5 Perks Of Having A Regular Dental Cleaning And Checkup

Are you one of those patients who always skip his regular dental cleaning and checkup? As you know, these are the basic dental services that you need the most so you can skip all other complex treatments. Therefore, heed your dentist’s advice and see him every six months for a professional dental checkup and teeth cleaning procedure afterward. The benefits you gain from it are far more valuable and you will thank yourself in the future for committing to it.

Key benefits when you have regular dental cleaning and checkup

  • It promotes great oral health. Your maximum efforts of brushing and flossing daily are not enough to keep cavities, plaque, and tartar at bay. Having regular dental cleaning with your London dentist helps you manage your oral health well.
  • Your oral problems are identified at an early stage which leads to early intervention. It helps in screening oral cancer. Your dentist uses a special scanner to check abnormal changes in your mouth’s soft tissues.
  • Professional teeth cleaning whitens your teeth, prevents bad breath and gum disease.
  • Your teeth are cleaner and stronger when you undergo teeth cleaning procedure at least twice a year. This way, you have a higher chance of keeping natural teeth for life.
  • You save more on your dental bill. With healthy teeth and gums, you no longer need other complex dental treatments which are rather costly.

What happens during regular dental cleaning and checkup?

This dental appointment only takes less of your time yet. During your visit, the dental staff takes a digital X-ray of your mouth first. This is an important step to identify your oral condition and the image is helpful in treatment planning. As the radiograph image displays on the screen, your dentist explains to you which part of your teeth needs more attention. He may also suggest that you undergo an oral cancer screening which only takes about  two minutes. After the comprehensive oral examination, your dental hygienist proceeds with the regular dental cleaning. 

After your hygienist cleans your teeth and protects them with fluoride treatment, your dentist may recommend other treatments when necessary. If you have missing teeth, he will suggest restorative options such as dental crowns, dentures, bridges, or implants. If the dental examination reveals that there are teeth alignment issues, you will be referred to an orthodontist. They make sure that you have an informed choice when you explore your best treatment options.

Now that you understand the importance of going for a checkup and teeth cleaning procedure, make no mistake in skipping it again. See your Toronto dentist twice a year and let him help you take care of your oral health.

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