Crowns: Understand The Benefits And Process

Crowns: Understand The Benefits And Process

A dental crown is one of many different tools that your Toronto, Ontario dentist has in their arsenal of products. Designed to provide an ideal treatment method for a particular issue, your dentist might recommend that you get a crown to stabilize a tooth with a filling, cover a tooth that is misshapen or discolored, hold a dental bridge in place and other instances when your dentist feels like a bridge would be advantageous to your oral health.

Crowns and children

In some cases, your child’s dentist might recommend a crown. This could be because a tooth is damaged so severely that a filling is not an option. Another reason could be that due to circumstances such as a medical condition, behavior or age, that your child is at risk for decay.

Process of getting fitted for a crown

In the past, getting a dental crown involved an extensive process requiring multiple visits to your dentist. First, your dentist would need to take x-rays before numbing the area surrounding the tooth. An impression made of either specialized paste or putty would then be formed before being sent away to a dental lab. While you wait for the permanent crown to arrive, your dentist makes a temporary one. In a few weeks, you’d return to have the dental team cement your new crown into place.

With same-day crowns, though, the time this process takes is sharply reduced. There are some dentists that have the equipment to form this crowns right there in the office. This can reduce the time for getting crowns from weeks to hours.

Which type of crown is right for you?

After a careful assessment by your dentist, a decision is made concerning the right type of crown for your situation. A few choices include all-resin crowns which provide an affordable option but can wear down more quickly and fracture more easily than some other materials and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns whose coloring can be matched to your natural tooth shade. Mental dental crowns are resistant to breakage and chipping while all-ceramic and all-porcelain crowns are ideal for those patients with a metal allergy.

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