Eliminate Halitosis Through Oravital System

Eliminate Halitosis Through Oravital System

Most don’t know they have bad breath or halitosis until their dentist recommends them to undergo treatment. Having excellent oral hygiene is the best way to combat this common dental problem, yet patients still need professional help. Having said this, dentists at Midtown Dental Centre offer Oravital System, a comprehensive treatment to eliminate bad breath. The treatment program includes a coaching system so the patient controls the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

One of the leading causes of halitosis is the neglect of oral care. If the condition is not treated, it could escalate and develop to gum disease which requires more treatment.

Oravital reviews revealed that dental practitioners and patients alike truly benefit from the program since its development in 2008. Dentists and hygienists find it easy to recommend this cost-effective treatment to their valued patients. On one hand, patients find this non-invasive procedure to be a perfect solution to halitosis and periodontitis.

How Does The Oravital System Treat Halitosis?

The Oravital System includes five different steps.

Oravital System screening

It uses microbiology tests to identify harmful bacteria that might be causing breath odors. To do this, the hygienist dabs a swab on the patient’s teeth, tongue, and throat to take samples of bacteria. He sends the samples to the laboratory to check whether there is a high level of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Halitosis treatment

The dentist or hygienist prescribes Oravital rinse once the results show that harmful bacteria is the main cause of the malodor. The patient uses these products in two weeks to kill bacteria that are causing halitosis. He needs to control harmful bacteria until there’s a proper balance of healthy bacteria in the mouth during the treatment period. Oravital reviews indicate that using Oravital rinse has an immediate effect in controlling the patient’s bad breath.


After two weeks, the patient returns to the clinic for a follow-up dental checkup and evaluation. The dentist provides self-care techniques to ensure the patient does not revert to his old dental care routine.


On top of self-care, the patient needs to visit his dentist every six months for regular dental care. Furthermore, he also needs to use Oravital mouth rinse daily to prevent halitosis from recurring.


Your dentist recommends that you undergo Oravital System microbial tests once a year. This helps in determining whether your mouth still has a balanced level of healthy bacteria. In the process, it will be easy for your dentist to detect if there’s an infection or gum disease.

Oravital reviews show that patients have fresher breath and healthier gums after they have tried the Oravital treatment protocol. You too can experience this! Be sure to visit your Toronto dentist and ask about Oravital treatment.

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