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General Dentistry


Part of our routine dental check-up is to see whether the patient’s teeth are attacked by cavities. These are teeth’s enemies that easily destroy or weaken their structures. When the tooth enamel is already damaged by cavities, we remove the decayed portion and replace them with dental fillings. This is one of the main uses of filling materials. These can also be used to repair cracked or slightly fractured tooth in order to preserve it.

This restorative procedure is completely painless as we apply a local anesthetic to the treated tooth. After the decayed part is removed with the aid of dental tools, the tooth is cleaned from any debris. If the decayed area is near the roots, our dentist may put composite or glass ionomer materials first in order to protect the nerve. To complete the process, the dentist will polish it for a smooth finish. 

Today, different filling materials are classified into three:

  • Metal such as gold, alloy and silver amalgam
  • Tooth-colored fillings like porcelain or composite
  • Fillings with glass component such as glass ionomer

It’s time to fight cavities and strengthen your teeth with dental fillings. Have an oral check-up today at our office in 20 Bloor St. E, Unit R4, Toronto, Ontario. Call us ahead at (647) 930-0068 to book your appointment. 

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