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General Dentistry

Laughing Gas Sedation

Our dynamic team of dental health practitioners offers more than just accuracy and safe treatments. We also make each patient’s dental treatment relaxing and comfortable through laughing gas sedation. This method has helped us to seamlessly carry out every dental work that our patients need. 

With this method of sedation, we let the patient inhale laughing gas through a nasal apparatus before we begin the procedure. In as little as 20 seconds, the sedative starts to kick in. Then, we numb the patient’s treatment area through the use of local anesthesia to eliminate any pain or discomfort. The patient remains conscious and he’s able to respond to our requests and instructions throughout the procedure. Once we remove the apparatus from his nose, the effects of laughing gas sedation gradually wears off. 

Patients of all ages don’t have to feel anxious anymore when they visit our dental office. No matter if it’s a simple or complex procedure they need to go through, we assure them that laughing gas sedation would ease their dental anxiety. What’s important is that they receive the proper treatment and maintain excellent oral health. 

Call us today at (647) 930 0068 and book your appointment. We are glad to help you address any concerns you may have with your dental health through a relaxed and comfortable treatment. 

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