Gum Reduction in TorontoEveryone wants to have a healthy and beautiful smile. Yet, sometimes it’s not just about having strong and whiter teeth. The relationship between your teeth, lips, and gums also matters for you to have that picture-perfect smile. We at Midtown Dental Centre want to help you achieve that with gum reduction or contouring surgery.

When there’s an overgrowth of gum tissues, patients tend to show most of their teeth and gums when they smile. Hence, we perform gum contouring or gingival recontouring to our patients with a “gummy” smile.

What to expect during gum reduction surgery?

Initially, our dentist will draw a line along your gums to identify the ideal shape that will complement your smile. He lets you check it in the mirror to see how much of the gums will be removed and what it will look like after the procedure. Once you agree with the expected results, the dentist numbs your gums with a local anesthetic for pain-free gum surgery. Then, using his dental tools, he removes parts of your gums.

This procedure is done in one visit. However, remember to follow these post-surgery instructions from our dentist to speed up your recovery.

  • Limit your physical activity after 24 hours from your gum surgery.
  • Ease pain and swelling by taking prescribed medication.
  • Consume foods that are easy to chew such as eggs, pasta, soft vegetables. Have some ice cream and yoghurt while you avoid spicy foods.
  • Observe your dentist’s instructions on how you to brush and floss your teeth properly while you’re still recuperating from the surgery.
  • In case you have other concerns after the procedure, never hesitate to call your dentist.

At Midtown Dental Centre, you can be assured that your smile goals are our priority. Contact us today at  (416) 966-3368  to schedule a consultation.