Smile Enhancement in TorontoYour smile is your best asset. That’s why we offer different treatment options for smile enhancement at Midtown Dental Centre. Here are different options you can choose from to enhance your smile.

  • Dental bonding. One of the procedures that let you save on your bill yet you get the same results of having a renewed smile. Our cosmetic dentist completes this treatment in one visit.
  • Gum reduction. A patient’s smile is not just all his teeth. For some, the shape of their gums also affects the way they smile. They may choose to have gum reduction or reshaping to bring out their best smile yet.
  • Teeth whitening. Nothing beats strong and pearly white teeth. Our teeth whitening kit will help you smile with full confidence.
  • Veneers. Have an instant smile makeover when we place dental veneers over your imperfect teeth. Remember, not all of your teeth need enhancement, so we can target only those that need it the most.

Take time to see our cosmetic dentist for a consultation and we’ll help you achieve your smile goals.