Extractions in Toronto

Extractions in TorontoSometimes, tooth removal can be your only option to save your oral and overall health. We conduct a thorough dental assessment before deciding on a suitable treatment, and consider the following factors prior to tooth removal:

  1. Irreversible decay
  2. Severe effects of periodontal disease
  3. Impacted wisdom teeth
  4. Serious overcrowding or malocclusion issue
  5. The most viable option after an accident

There are two types of tooth extractions: 1) A simple extraction performed when the tooth requiring removal is visible and local anesthesia is administered to prevent discomfort, and 2) A surgical extraction when the tooth has not fully erupted or is broken below the gumline; this usually requires general anesthesia is given prior to the procedure.

Our top priority is always caring for your teeth, but sometimes, we recommend a tooth extraction when necessary. In this case, we will also recommend restorative options to replace it. Call us at  (416) 966-3368  today for a consultation.

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