Teeth Desensitization in Toronto

Sensitive teeth can be a huge discomfort. Moreover, you can’t seem to enjoy some of the foods that you love such as ice cream or that cold soda. Even eating hot and sugary causes you to pause and feel a sudden sharp pain. This strongly indicates that you need teeth desensitization. It’s vital not only so you can enjoy eating anything again, yet you also need to protect your teeth from complex problems.

With this, our team of dental professionals provides various treatment options for teeth desensitization.

  • Fluoride treatment. After your regular dental cleaning, our dental hygienist applies fluoride to your teeth to aid in desensitization.
  • Dental bonding. When some of your tooth roots are exposed, the composite resin is bonded to your tooth to stop sensitivity.
  • Gum grafting. Other patients may suffer from receding gums that caused tooth sensitivity. Through gum graft surgery, our dental surgeon uses your healthy tissue grafts to cover the exposed tooth roots.
  • Root canal therapy. If your dental examination reveals that your tooth pulp is infected, we proceed with root canal treatment to eliminate sensitivity.

Meanwhile, improve your oral care techniques at home to lessen recurring pain due to sensitive teeth. Gently brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Don’t forget to floss as well.

Don’t wait for tooth sensitivity to worsen. See our dentists at Midtown Dental Centre and let us address your oral problem. Call us at (416) 966-3368 today.