Teeth Grinding in Toronto

Teeth Grinding in TorontoBruxism is a condition when someone clenches or grinds their teeth. It’s vital to know that teeth grinding is a bad oral habit; otherwise, you may think that this is just a normal thing to do. As you know, it damages or wears down your enamel. As your habit continues, it might cause a fractured, chipped, broken, or sensitive tooth. Others also experience headaches, facial pain, and even Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder.

Our Toronto dentists have identified that there are patients who consciously grind their teeth, especially when their stress level is high. Others clench their teeth while asleep. You have to seek consultation with our dentists so you can discuss what triggers your teeth grinding habit. If it’s related to stress, you can try to learn some exercises that help you relax. As much as possible, relax your jaws to avoid further complications. If the habit is more of a sleeping disorder, you may request for a customized mouthguard from our dentists. They will take your dental impression so your mouthguard fits you comfortably. It’s important that the dental appliance will not cause you difficulty in breathing.

Now that you know about teeth grinding and its detrimental effects, seek professional help and request for a mouthguard today. Visit our office at 20 Bloor Street E, Unit R-4, Toronto, Ontario.

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