Canker Sores and Cold SoresAt Midtown Dental Centre, we use laser treatment to reduce the size of canker sores and cold sores to relieve patients from pain. These are oral lesions which are similar yet have different causes.

Canker sores are lesions formed inside your mouth. They develop on the inside of your cheeks or on your gums. These affect how you eat and speak since they cause pain when lesions are disturbed. Canker sores are caused by a number of factors, including vitamin deficiency and mouth injuries. Most injuries in the mouth are a result of hard brushing or accidentally biting your lips or cheek. In some cases, orthodontic patients who wear metal braces also develop canker sores during their adjustment period.

On one hand, cold sores or fever blisters are caused by a viral infection and they usually form outside a patient’s mouth. Although in some cases, they also grow inside the mouth. The tiny blisters contain fluid and they are grouped in patches around or on your mouth. Once the blisters break out, a crust is formed on the affected area, leading to a sore. Most often, cold sores take up to four weeks to heal.

No matter how tiny these lesions are, anything that disrupts you from eating or speaking well needs to be treated at once. Contact our dental office today at (416)-966-3368 and let us immediately deal with your canker sores and cold sores.