MouthguardsKids, teens, and adults most likely engage into active sports. Whether it’s basketball, ice hockey, football, or boxing, everyone needs a custom mouthguard to protect them from any form of dental injury. We at Midtown Dental Centre support you in this endeavor. Our dental team fabricates custom mouthguards that comfortably fit into your mouth. It’s our way of supporting you as you continue to engage in physical activities with full mouth gear protection.

Custom mouthguards are dental devices that add a layer of protection on your teeth and jaw. Although there are available mouthguards that you can buy over the counter, these one-size-fits-all don’t provide maximum protection. Mouthguards need to be customized because each patient has unique dentition. The custom sports mouthguards that we provide are specially-designed to snugly fit into your mouth since these are fabricated based on your dental impression.

Come over to our dental office and let us design your custom mouthguards to fully protect you from oral and maxillofacial injuries. There are lots of cool designs that we can use so you will stand out in your team. Call us today at (416) 966-3368 for an appointment.