Night Guards

Night GuardsOur comprehensive oral care at Midtown Dental Centre includes providing you dental appliances that protect your teeth from being damaged. Bruxism is one of the conditions that cause your teeth to chip or break, that’s why you need to have night guards.

You may not be aware of it, yet you may be suffering from a condition called bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. This condition occurs when you clench your teeth while you’re sleeping. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, speak to our dentists so you will be provided with night guards.

  • Recurring contractions of your jaw muscles
  • Clenching sound while sleeping
  • Your jaw muscles are either tight or painful
  • Occasional swelling in the lower jaw due to clenching

Our dental team makes customized night guards based on your dental impressions. We want to make sure that your dental appliance fits snugly so you feel more comfortable and you breathe easily while asleep.

Without wearing a comfortable night guard, bruxism cannot be prevented. When it becomes severe, it leads to headaches, jaw disorders, damaged teeth or tooth loss.

Don’t let unconscious grinding of teeth compromise your oral health. Sleep like a baby and wake up to a beautiful morning without any pain or swelling. Request for your night guards when you call us at  (416) 966-3368  today!

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