Implants and Bone Grafting in TorontoWe offer dental implants to our patients because we aim to preserve their smiles for a lifetime.

Dental implants are artificials roots covered with dental restorations such as dentures and crowns and that are placed into the jawbone. These are durable missing teeth replacements that improve patients’ smiles and restore their confidence. More importantly, implants improve their oral health and quality of life. They can comfortably eat and laugh to their heart’s content without feeling awkward or anxious.

Dentists recommend these fixed restoration to prevent teeth spacing or movement. In effect, patient’s need for further dental treatment is avoided. As the implants integrate with the human body, they become permanent and sturdy restorations.

When do you need bone grafting?

Your dentist conducts comprehensive dental checkup to check if you qualify for dental implant surgery. The density of your jawbone are being looked into, and if they are insufficient, it means there’s no sturdy base for the implants to hold onto. That’s why our oral surgeon would then recommend bone grafting. It’s a different surgical procedure that allows bone regeneration by placing tissue bone grafts. You have the option to source out tissue grafts from tissue banks or your surgeon may harvest from your mouth. It will take up to three months for you to heal from the bone grafting procedure. Once healed, you will be scheduled for dental implant surgery.

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