TMJ Disorder Treatment in Toronto

Have you experienced pain when you smile, take a bite, or even breathe? You may be having signs of TMJ disorder. A temporomandibular joint (TMJ) links your lower jaw to your skull. Kids, teenagers, and adults are prone to TMJ syndrome, that’s why we examine our patients closely and administer treatment as soon as possible.

To detect the movement of your temporomandibular joint, try putting your finger in front of the ears and open your mouth. You can feel the lower jaw’s rounded ends glide along with the temporal bone’s joint socket. If any chance you feel a sudden pain, see our dentist as soon as possible so we can assess your dental situation.

There are other symptoms that you may have TMJ disorder, such as follows:

  • There is pain around the jaw joints, ears, facial muscles, shoulders, and neck.
  • You can hear a popping or clicking sound when you open or close your mouth.
  • You find it difficult to chew or bite.
  • Others experience headaches, lightheadedness, ear pain, and hearing loss.
  • The jaw locks open or locks shut.

If anyone in your family has one or more of these symptoms, contact us at Midtown Dental Centre right away so we can provide special treatment. Call our office at  (416) 966-3368  today and let us help you deal with TMJ disorder.