Dental Anxiety and Our OfficeMidtown Dental Centre has an up-to-date and modern process of caries (cavities) detection using the Dexis CariVu intraoral scanner. It’s a portable device that uses a patented technology to provide support for the identification of caries, lesions, and cracks. The equipment is intuitive and easy to use in diagnosing dental caries. With this tool, the captured images are displayed on a screen so the patient can directly see which part of his mouth needs more attention. In effect, the patient is making a well-informed choice about getting the necessary treatment to resolve the patient’s oral problem.

This advanced technology is also integrated with different software applications for an improved chairside workflow. Moreover, it is compatible with DexVoice, an imaging software that allows hands-free workflow.

Why CariVu is unique?

  • With its transillumination technology, the enamel appears transparent. It exposes the tooth structure for any developing caries.
  • The equipment releases non-ionizing radiation which ensures safety to pregnant and even children.

Experience safe and precise dental treatment as we use advanced diagnostic tool in our practice. Visit us at 20 Bloor St. E, Unit R4, Toronto, Ontario or call us at  (416) 966-3368 .