VELscope ScannerOne of the important aspects of our practice is early detection of dental diseases including oral cancer through the use of VELScope scanner. It’s an adjunctive handheld device with an improved digital system to help us visualize abnormalities in your mouth that might be cancer or pre-cancer.

Oral cancer is one of the diseases that most patients know nothing about until our device detects it. Early detection matters as it increases the patient’s chance of survival.

During routine dental checkups, we recommend that they undergo oral cancer screening through the VELScope scanner. It is a painless and quick oral assessment done in two minutes. Our dentists or hygienists dim the overhead lights to examine your mouth using the VELScope device. If the scanner detects a problem, that spot becomes illuminated and appears differently from the rest of the surrounding soft tissues. The spot is photographed for future reference and comparison. Then, our dental staff takes a brush biopsy and sends it for further evaluation.

If you have not been screened for oral cancer yet, visit our office today so we can facilitate it for you. Also, make sure to include this screening during your annual dental examination.