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Special Treatments

Special Treatments

Our team of dental professional give special treatments for your unique dental case. After we conduct a careful dental examination, we identify your dental needs and treatments necessary to achieve excellent oral health. 

Each specific dental treatment aims to correct issues with malocclusion, teeth alignment, loss of teeth, and jaw problems.  Our range of special dental treatments are as follows:

  • Braces. This orthodontic treatment aligns your teeth and close teeth spacing. 
  • Dentures. You may choose to have removable or fixed dentures to replace lost teeth. 
  • Treatment for headache. When you experience a headache due to a dental problem, we examine the direct cause and provide necessary treatment.
  • Implants and bone grafting. We also provide another option to replace tooth loss with a dental implant. If you lack jawbone density, we also perform bone grafting to make your dental implant surgery possible. 
  • Invisalign. This is one of the revolutionary dental appliances that fix mild orthodontic cases. 
  • Invisible braces. These type of orthodontic braces are attached behind the teeth so you don’t have to worry about how you look during your treatment.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery. It’s an internationally recognized specialty in dentistry which involves procedures that treat a variety of diseases, injuries, and defects in the oral cavity.
  • Treatment for TMJ disorder. Let us deal with your TMJ disorder, prevent any complications and help you manage your jaw pain. 

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