The Hidden Truth Behind Porcelain Crowns

The Hidden Truth Behind Porcelain Crowns

Teeth restoration treatments have long been perceived as an artificial way of preserving your teeth. Many years ago, these procedures provide an unmatching and unnatural teeth replacements to patients. Nowadays, many dentists make use of modern technology to produce natural looking substitutes for your damaged teeth. One excellent example of this is the use of dental crowns. You now have the option to have natural-looking restorations and replacements with porcelain crowns.

What is a porcelain crown?

full porcelain crown is a type of dental crown that mimics the authentic appearance of your teeth. This is also known as a dental cap since the crown encapsulates the damaged area of your tooth or an implant. Its main purpose is to restore your tooth after it has chipped, cracked or decayed. The dental crowns also help fix teeth discolourations.

What is the process of placing a porcelain crown?

First visit

A dental crown placement will take at least two visits to your Toronto dentist. On the first appointment, your dentist will examine the damage and the area to be treated. Next, he will perform an oral prophylaxis to ensure that your teeth are free from food particles. Then, he will trim down a portion of the enamel and take an impression of your teeth. This will be used by the dental technician in crafting your porcelain crowns. Your prosthodontist uses a shade guide as a basis for the final colour of your crowns. He will put the temporary crowns while the permanent ones are being made. This step ensures that the trimmed teeth remain in the same shape so the final crowns will fit perfectly.

Second visit

This will be scheduled once the permanent porcelain dental crowns are created. During this session, your dentist will remove the temporary dental caps. Additionally, he performs a dental cleaning to ensure that the crowned teeth are free from plaque.  Then, he will attach the full porcelain crown in every tooth that needs covering, using a special dental cement. He will make the adjustments when necessary before fixing the crowns in place with a laser light.

Advantages of porcelain crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are mainly used in cosmetic dentistry. This treatment is a good solution for problems such as broken or cracked teeth and those with large cavities that require root canal therapy. Your dentist also uses porcelain caps to correct minor aesthetic issues with your teeth such as unevenness in shape and discolouration.

In the past, the materials used for the creation of dental crowns include silver, gold, platinum and tin. Now, most dentists strongly recommend porcelain crowns due to their strength and close resemblance to your natural teeth appearance. Here are a few more information about the hidden advantages of having porcelain dental caps.

  • Appearance

Your dentist will highly recommend the use of porcelain for your crown if the treatment involves your front teeth. The porcelain material has a naturally whiter colour which blends better with the shade of your organic teeth.

  • Feel

Apart from its strong visual appeal, a full porcelain crown also feels more natural than other options. It can be custom made to fit the teeth’s shape and appearance.

  • Durability

Many patients do not realize that porcelain dental caps are as nearly as strong as their natural teeth enamel. In fact, the porcelain crowned teeth last for decades.

Porcelain dental crowns have countless advantages as compared to their metal alternatives. You no longer need to feel awkward when you smile due to missing teeth. Also, this type of crown is perfect to restore your decayed tooth without the stand out colour of metal. You feel like your natural teeth are back for good when you choose porcelain for your crowns.

See your local dentist to know more about this cosmetic treatment.

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